How to Find No Deposit Houses & Flats to Rent?

Tenants | Fri 21 Feb 20
Itchy feet? Keen to move to a new neighbourhood?
How to Find No Deposit Houses & Flats to Rent
Have you considered looking into no deposit houses and flats to rent? These are often available with deposit replacement schemes.

With new furniture to fork out for and the hefty price tag that comes with hiring a removal van, the last thing you’ll want to think about is shelling out for a deposit. After all, it can sometimes take weeks until your existing rental deposit finally lands in your bank account again.

If finances are tight, you could probably do with some help when it comes to the costly process that is a house move. 

Have you considered looking into no deposit houses and flats to rent? These are often available with deposit replacement schemes.

Helping drive down the cost of moving house, the Zero Deposit™ Guarantee offers an easy and simple way to save some money. Here’s where to look for a house to rent with no deposit:

Ask Around for Trusted Letting Agents

Ready to move? Why not let people know (via your social media profiles, for example) that you’re looking for property to rent through a deposit replacement scheme? It’s surprising how many of your friends and family will have used deposit replacement schemes and they may be able to recommend letting agents that offer it in your area! Our thousands of trusted lettings agents can be found here.

Rent from a Private Landlord

Sometimes private landlords can be an attractive option. Do your research online, though, and find a reliable private landlord that offers the Zero Deposit Guarantee through a trusted site. If your landlord doesn’t yet offer a Zero Deposit Guarantee, did you know you can refer them to us if they’re yet to sign up? Just point them in this direction

Often, with deposit replacement schemes, there will be no administration costs to consider – and if there are, they’re likely to be very modest. Hooray for houses to rent with no deposit!

Ready to use a Deposit Replacement Scheme?

That’s where we come in, with our Zero Deposit Guarantee. Our service is set up with renters like you in mind: renters who want to break free from costly deposits. Look for a Letting agent or landlord that uses the Zero Deposit Guarantee and you’ll be more than glad you did. Deposit-free renting is a better way to keep your costs down when moving home – just find out how it works by heading here.

No deposit houses to rent are quite easy to find these days. Here are a few trusted agents you can try who offer no deposit houses and flats to rent here in the UK.

Get started and gain some freedom from costly deposits by choosing a Zero Deposit Guarantee when you’re looking for a house to rent. When you save on your deposit, you can put the money to better use: some new furniture, a mini break, maybe even a new car. The possibilities are endless.

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