Reduce void periods by lowering the upfront cost for your tenants.


Zero Deposit reduces the upfront cost of renting for tenants. This helps speed up the process and reduce void periods.

Full protection

Your tenants purchase a Guarantee that provides you with the same protection as a traditional security deposit.

Less hassle & cost

Save time & money by not having to register with a deposit protection scheme.

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What is a
zero deposit

Zero Deposit makes renting more affordable for tenants by providing an alternative to the traditional security deposit. This can help speed up the renting process and reduce void periods.

Tenants buy a Zero Deposit Guarantee for your property, which provides protection equivalent to a six week deposit.

Your tenants remain fully accountable for looking after your property and paying rent.

Partner Agents
We’re rolling out Zero Deposit across the UK. Find agents offering deposit free renting near you.
What if I get
a Bad tenant?

Zero Deposit does not mean zero responsibility. Bad tenants are not let off the hook.

We pay approved claims within two working days. We then pursue the tenant for payment.

Less than 1% of tenancies end with a full disputeᐩ, but when they do we’ve got you covered. (ᐩSource TDS April 2017)

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How does
it work?

Tenants move in

Offer Zero Deposit

Tell your agent that you want to accept Zero Deposit on your property.

Tenants Purchase

The tenants decide to purchase a Zero Deposit Guarantee instead of paying a traditional security deposit.

Ready to move in

After the tenants have purchased, you get effictively the same cover as a six week deposit. Your tenants are now ready to move into their new home!

Tenants move out

Inventory & checkout

Inventory and check out are completed as usual. Tenants can settle any claims that arise or dispute them.

Disputes settled or evaluated

If you can’t settle a dispute with your tenants, the evidence will be sent for expert evaluation by TDS, who have over 10 years experience settling end-of-tenancy disputes.

Claims resolved & settled

If found in your favour we settle the claim and pay you within two working days. We will then recover the costs from the tenants directly.

How can
I get it?

Speak with your letting agent and tell them you want to accept Zero Deposit on your property.

Who is backing the Guarantee?

The Zero Deposit Guarantee is backed and underwritten by Great Lakes Insurance SE which means there are safeguards in place to help ensure you get a fair and transparent product with no hidden risks.

Need more information? visit Landlord FAQ

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