What might your office look like in the future?

Agents | Thu 6 May 21
Over the last year, Covid forced lots of us to work differently. For all the challenges of sketchy home Wi-Fi, accidental cat filters, and that one person always forgetting to unmute, there have been silver linings.
A man working on a laptop in a modern looking office

Especially in a world increasingly focused on businesses' environmental impact. The move to remote working has meant fewer people on roads, and the potential for smaller offices to provide heat and lighting for. All great for reducing emissions.

There’s no better time to shake up ways of working to future-proof your business than now. So, what might your agency’s office look like going forward?

Hot desks, not fixed desks

If your agency embraces remote or agile working for the long-term, you might find fewer people in the office on the same days. Instead of everyone having their own, fixed desk, a move to hot-desking might work better. This way, people can collaborate and share ideas more easily by working closely with their team members. 

Flexible, agile or remote working

Some businesses are giving their employees complete freedom to choose where they work. Some firms, especially in tech, have moved to WFH permanently. Others are rotating their teams. Letting people work in the office on alternate weeks halves the number of people in at once, which could help stop the spread of Covid-19. How might new working models benefit your business, employees and customers?

Smaller, more sustainable offices

If fewer people are in your office day to day, could you downsize your workspace? By allowing people to work from home some days and in the office others, you could reduce your rent, overheads and environmental impact by some margin. If you choose to move to smaller premises, you might find more environmentally friendly options are now available to lease. Many offices now run on 100% renewable energy, use more efficient insulation, and even feature high-performance windows that reduce the need for electric lighting.

Smarter use of technology

Some letting agents are investing more in technology and digital marketing to reach their customers. Not just online, but in their physical offices too. Cambridge property agent Bidwells has invested in an interactive and personalised touchscreen map that plots its landlords’ properties. Tenants can use it to see what facilities and points of interest are in the local area. Some letting agents are also moving from print-outs to digital screens in their agency windows: a contemporary, eye-catching way to sell your brand and your landlords’ properties to modern renters.

Not being in the office shouldn't stop you from introducing Zero Deposit™ to your tenants and landlords. 

The entire process can be carried out online, just make sure your properties are clearly listed with the option of a Zero Deposit™ Guarantee. Why not use the corner flashes we developed just for this. Check out our really simple 10 steps from listing to move-in guide to help you through the process. We made it just for you!

Same goes for ending tenancies and settling claims. Take a look at our guide which will help you manage the process in 6 steps from the comfort of your home.

Please make full use of these documents, refer to them whenever you need and share them with your colleagues where relevant. Check out the help centre for more!

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