Turn WFH hell into WFH heaven when renting

Tenants | Thu 28 Jan 21
For all the perks of working from home – like better work-life balance, no commute and perhaps even a boost to your productivity – it’s not without its own challenges. Especially if you rent somewhere on the smaller side, or have to share with other people working from home.
A laptop connected to a monitor on a desk near a window and plant

Thankfully, with a little creativity, you can turn even the tiniest place into a heavenly workspace.

Invest in a folding desk

Hunching up on the sofa or at the dining room table might not do your back or productivity any favours in the long run. A compact folding desk like this one could be just what you need. When you aren’t using it, simply fold it away and tuck it under the sofa, bed or behind a door. Not to mention, packing everything away out of sight can be an effective way to set boundaries and distance yourself from work after hours.

Bring the outside in

House plants take up very little space and have been shown to reduce stress, stimulate creativity and improve the air quality. Looking away from your screen at your new green desk buddy is a great rest for your eyes, too. If you’re not especially green-fingered, even a vase of fresh flowers can help boost your mood.

Keep your workspace clear

You know what they say: ‘tidy desk, tidy mind’. But it’s a cliché for a reason. As annoying as it is (like ‘you’ll feel better after exercise’), it’s true that many people find it easier to focus without clutter getting in the way. Keeping the rest of your home tidy can help too. Not only does everything in its proper place save space, you don’t have a to-do list of chores at the back of your mind distracting you from work.

Light a candle or diffuser

Set the scene for a productive day with a candle or diffuser. Certain scents like rosemary or sweet orange can help you concentrate on the task at hand. Meanwhile, lavender and geranium support relaxation, and signal it’s time to stop for the day.

Switch up your lighting

If you’re working in the living room or your bedroom, it can be hard to switch off from work when it’s time to relax at the end of the day. Try making the room feel different by using natural light or a brighter desk lamp to focus by in the day, and swap to calmer, scattered lighting in the evening. 

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