How to Make More Happy Home Placements

Agents | Tue 27 Jul 21
Do you place tenants based on a first-come, first-served basis? That might seem the fairest method, but when it comes to renting happily ever after, it might not be doing tenants, landlords or your letting agency any favours.
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Unhappy renters are less likely to stay long-term, meaning more void periods. At a time when more renters than ever are on the move after lockdown, you’re in a great position to make some winning landlord/tenant matches. Try these ideas to make finding the perfect matches easier.

Give detailed descriptions on your listings

Don’t scrimp on the details. Give potential renters a thorough checklist of each property’s features so tenants can get an idea if it’s for them before they book a viewing. This way, you can be confident people who do want to come and see the property in person are already pretty sure it fits their brief.

Channel your inner Phil and Kirstie

Renters might think they know what they want. But if you’ve got a wildcard property you reckon they’ll love – show them anyway! Encourage your tenants to keep an open mind. Your property may not have the off-street parking they said was a must-have, but who knows...maybe that quirky spiral staircase or outdoor bar will make sparks fly.

Get to know potential tenants with pre-qualification

Make sure your landlords and potential renters are on the same page from the off. Asking tenants for a few key pieces of information upfront like ID, how they’ll be paying rent, credit history and earliest move-in date is a useful way to make sure all parties understand the requirements. Once you’ve got this information, you can progress suitable tenants promptly, while letting the others get back to their search. You’ll spend less time reference-checking too, as you’ll only have to audit the final few applicants.

Help your tenants give it their best shot

Sometimes the best tenants aren’t the most prepared, experienced or organised. Make sure your potential renters understand how the application process works, from booking a viewing, to reference checks. Encourage them to get all the relevant paperwork and information ready, like bank statements or proof of residency, before it’s needed so they can move fast when their dream home crops up.

Offer a Zero Deposit™ Guarantee as an alternative to a cash deposit

96% of tenants polled said they’d select a Zero Deposit™ agent above the rest*. Plus, when tenants see and understand the benefits of a Zero Deposit Guarantee vs a cash deposit, we see conversion rates of over 80%**. Although a real spread of people choose us – from families to first-time renters – wannabe-homeowners are a notable segment. One big reason for that: the extra money they can free up to put towards a house deposit. By helping tenants say yes to their dream home, you can say yes to closing more deals. 

Now that sounds like a match.

Find out more about how offering a Zero Deposit Guarantee could help you place even more tenants and close more deals.

*Source: Internal data, August 2020 - Survey of 243 tenants 

**Source: Internal data, July 2021

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