Why You Should Use Zero Deposit™ Over Other Deposit Replacement Schemes

Tenants | Fri 21 Feb 20
If you’ve stumbled upon this blog post, it’s likely that you’re looking for a way to save money when you rent. Thanks to a money-saving deposit replacement scheme, you can – but how do you know where to start?

Movebubble states, quite rightly, that deposit replacement schemes are designed to help you save money on renting. “If you’re saving around £1,200 with a Zero Deposit, plus another £500 on tenant fees, all of a sudden you have much more flexibility and room to manoeuvre.” 

Pay no Deposit Upfront

The fact is, when you choose a deposit replacement scheme, you’re choosing more money in your bank account to do with what you wish. After all, when you opt to use a scheme like this, you’ll pay no deposit upfront, as opposed to a standard five-week one.

But why choose Zero Deposit™? There are lots of schemes out there and each will help you save money. Here are just a few reasons to get in touch with our team:

We Have a (very) High Score on TrustPilot

Can you really say fairer than that when it comes to putting faith in a company like ours? The independent reviews site features over 1,400 testimonials of our service, with 82% of people rating Zero Deposit’s deposit replacement scheme as ‘Excellent’.

Our No Deposit Scheme is Good for Tenants and Great for Landlords

Our scheme benefits everyone; it’s good for tenants and equally beneficial for landlords. Making renting better for everyone involved, tenants can purchase a Zero Deposit Guarantee for the equivalent of just one week’s rent.

It’s Simple to Sign Up

It’s easy to choose a Zero Deposit Guarantee, too – whether you’re a tenant or a landlord, the service is set up to ensure everyone’s life is easier. Tenants begin by purchasing a guarantee from us. This replaces your traditional security deposit but still offers the same protection. For full details on how to get started, simply head here.

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