Three Things to Do with the Money You Save

Tenants | Wed 17 Jul 19
By choosing Zero Deposit, you can save yourself a small fortune on deposits and put the money you’ve saved to better use.
Tenant in their new house

Ready to move from your current rented property? Or perhaps you’d like to remove your existing deposit halfway through the tenancy? By choosing Zero Deposit, you can save yourself a small fortune on deposits and put the money you’ve saved to better use. 

Most people who have used Zero Deposit in the past have raved about our service over on Trustpilot, with many putting the money they’ve pocketed towards anything from new home furnishings to a welcome boost to their savings. Use Zero Deposit and you might find you can:

1. Save for a New Home

If you’re renting and finding it’s getting costly, you’ll be more than glad of Zero Deposit, which makes the whole process more affordable.Thanks to our service, you can put the money you would have put down on a deposit towards your ‘new home kitty’.

If the grand plan is to buy a property of your own, you’ll welcome this idea. Saving you hundreds of pounds, it could well be the difference between staying put in your rented property or taking the plunge and signing on the dotted line for a home of your own. After all, with the initial outlay involved in owning a home on the rise (according to This is Money), first-time buyers need all the help they can get.

2. Furnish Your Home

Getting ready to move to a new property? You can furnish it with the money you would have spent on a traditional deposit. Think new cushions, a throw or two, maybe even a sofa. The possibilities are endless when you have extra money in the bank. Get ready to channel Mrs Hinch and her perfectly Insta-worthy home!

3. Jet Off on Your Dream Holiday

Which far-flung destination is on your bucket list? With a deposit from Zero Deposit, you may be able to board the plane much sooner. After all, you stand to save hundreds of pounds in well-earned cash, so why wouldn’t you want to get online and book a ticket to your dream holiday spot. Get ready to get excited; with Zero Deposit, that paradise island might be in sight. 

But remember, if you've caused any damage or not paid rent you'll need to cover this cost at the end of the tenancy. 

Want to know more about Zero Deposit and how the process works for tenants like you? Just head here for more information.

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