Santa, hurry down the chimney with my rent deposit

Tenants | Mon 23 Dec 19
Christmas may be ‘the most wonderful time of the year’ (as the song goes), but not if you’re on a tight budget. However, Santa could come early if your landlord agrees you can rent without a deposit.
Festive freedom with Zero Deposit

If Christmas was just about giving and receiving gifts, we’d probably manage just fine, but festive expenditure involves much more than just buying presents and stacking them under the tree. 


It’s the drinks and meals out with work colleagues and friends; the Secret Santas, charity donations and cab fares after late-night parties.  Then there’s the festive additions to your wardrobe (thanks to Instagram, you can forget wearing the same outfit you wore to last year’s office Christmas party), not to mention all the extra treats you’ll inevitably enjoy over the holiday period.


During this time, you’ll still be paying out for all your usual living expenses, including heating, lighting and, of course, rent.  Living in your rental property not only demands a big share of your salary each month, but it also keeps a significant chunk of your savings – in the form of your tenancy deposit - tantalisingly out of reach.


At a time when every extra penny counts, it’s hard to know that your security deposit is lying untouched in a deposit protection scheme (and when your current tenancy ends, the cash will still be needed for the next home you rent). 


It may feel as though your money has gone forever, but it doesn’t have to be like that.  Getting some help with your rent deposit is now a real possibility thanks to the Zero Deposit™ Guarantee, an innovative no deposit scheme that’s set to revolutionise the way we rent.


Thanks to the  Zero Deposit Guarantee, you can free up your deposit cash in time for Christmas with these three simple steps:


  1.  Speak to your letting agent and ask them to talk to your landlord about the Zero Deposit Guarantee.  If you rent direct with your landlord, you could explain how landlords can benefit from deposit free renting.


  1.  If your landlord agrees, you’ll be referred to Zero Deposit and you will pay a non-returnable fee based on one week’s rent (followed by a £26 admin fee for every year that you remain in the property).


  1.  Once the fee has been paid, the landlord can release your cash deposit for you to spend as you wish.


There are no other hidden fees or catches, but you should be aware that you’ll need to settle any outstanding rent or damage costs direct with landlord when the tenancy ends.  However, if any issues arise at the end of the tenancy, the dispute will be handled by the trusted TDS dispute resolution service.


There’s still time to make this particular Christmas wish come true, so don’t delay.  Then, when Santa finally makes it down the chimney, you’ll have everything you need to make a wonderful time of the year even more special.

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