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Tenants | Thu 11 Jul 19
If you’re someone who moves regularly, you’ll know how costly the rental process can be. We're helping tenants rent their next home with no security deposit.
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If you’re someone who moves regularly, you’ll know how costly the rental process can be. With new furniture to buy and a removals van to hire, the cost of uprooting your life can add up – and that’s before you consider the deposit you’ll need to secure a home you love.

For landlords and agents, filling properties can prove just as challenging, with hefty deposits putting off would-be tenants. But here at Zero Deposit, our aim is to ensure the process is as smooth and stress-free as possible – and for all parties.

We do this by speeding things up and ensuring landlords, tenants and agents can all enjoy the benefits. Creating a simple, affordable alternative to the traditional security deposit, we deliver fair outcomes which meet your needs – and over 500 people have taken the time to write a positive review of their experience on Trustpilot.

The independent reviews site features five-star reviews from those who’ve benefited from the service, with tenants able to treat themselves with the money they’ve saved as a result of using Zero Deposit.

Tos (via Trustpilot) is just one happy customer, saying: “Such a great initiative as sometimes deposits are just way too expensive. The website clearly spells out the guarantees and it’s very easy to pay.”

Robert, meanwhile, says: “Without this option available to me I would not be in my new rented accommodation thank you”. 

Helping tenants enjoy financial freedom, Zero Deposit ‘makes moving possible’. That’s the word from another happy customer on Trustpilot, with hundreds of others thrilled that they can put their hard-earned money to better use. One Zero Deposit customer spent the cash they saved on a new sofa, while another was able to treat themselves to some new furnishings, too. 

But the process isn’t just tempting for tenants; landlords and agents love it as well. For landlords specifically, it offers more protection – five to six weeks – and you don’t have to pay a penny. Agents, meanwhile, are also able to let properties quicker, thanks to a simpler and swifter process.

You can get started today or visit our Landlord, Tenant or Agent pages to find out how our service will work for you.

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