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Tenants | Thu 22 Oct 20
Most of us will rent at some point in our lives. And many of us will keep on renting as we opt for a more flexible and mortgage-free way of life. But for all the pros of renting, there’s one downside we hear a lot from renters: it’s harder to make your home feel ‘yours’.
A bedroom decorated with plants, and soft furnishings

Whether you’re renting your first home after moving out, or you’ve been on the block for a while, it’s important to be able to make your home look how you want it to. Things like painting walls, changing carpets, putting up shelves and even replacing furniture are likely off the table if you want to avoid charges when you move out. But luckily, we’ve got plenty of ideas to help you make your mark, without leaving a mark.

Nail your gallery wall (no nails needed)

Always dreamt of a gallery wall, worthy of any Pinterest board? Put up pictures to your heart’s content with Command Strips. Simply stick these removable clips onto your picture and wall and see the difference it makes to the room. With no need for nails or blue-tack, they remove cleanly when the time comes to take them down or switch things up. (Remember to check your surface is compatible first.) 

Cover up tired carpets

Rugs aren’t always cheap, but they’re certainly cheaper than a whole new carpet. If your carpet’s seen better days, invest in a big rug or try layering a few smaller ones. Although they can cost hundreds from new sites like eBay, Gumtree or Facebook Marketplace are often brimming with bargains.

Grow your own jungle

Fill your window sills, bookshelves and corners with plants to give your room a breath of fresh air – literally! Not only do plants add height, colour and interest to a room, they purify the air and help support mental wellbeing too.

Get styling with textiles

If you’re living in furnished accommodation, it’s likely not everything will be to your taste. Luckily, even the ugliest sofa can be turned into a throne with a few throws and cushions. Experiment with mixing different sized cushions, textures, colours and fabrics, then sink into your ‘new’ sofa that’s equal parts style and comfort.

Hook up with removable pegs

From suction pads to more Command Strips, you can get surprisingly strong removable wall hooks these days. Put some up in your hallway to show off your favourite bags, coats and scarves for a colourful entrance. Or create extra storage for robes and towels in the bathroom. 

Fund your inner interior designer

While you’re thinking about shaking things up, if you haven’t already switched to a Zero Deposit™ Guarantee, doing so could help you find some extra money for decorating your home. Our guarantee is a trusted alternative to a traditional deposit. Because it only costs you one week’s rent instead of the month or more that a cash deposit usually asks for, you could save you hundreds of pounds up front. That’s a big chunk towards your new home accessories!

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