10 tips to make moving day easier

Tenants | Tue 13 Oct 20
The weeks and days before moving out are hard work. You don’t know where anything is. Your home is now more cardboard box than brick. Yet somehow you don’t seem to have enough boxes?! If you’re more pack-rat than packing pro, this moving out guide is for you.
A man and woman packing their belongings in the kitchen

1. Protect your possessions with contents insurance

It’s not uncommon for things to get broken during a move. Hopefully just a broken glass or two. But when your whole life will be boxed up and on the road for a day, it’s wise to make sure you’re protected against theft and damage. Check if your contents insurance includes against accidental damage and covers you outside the home. Our partner Urban Jungle offers contents insurance especially for renters from just £5 a month. It's free and easy to change the address for the policy, meaning you can start a policy now and switch addresses when you've found your new home! Click here to get a quote. 

2. Photograph the back of your TV

Before you unplug and pack things with lots of wires like TVs and sound systems, take a picture of the back so you can see where all the wires go. You could even colour-code the wires with coloured tape. It’ll make getting it working again at the other end much simpler. Empty toilet roll tubes are great for storing cables. Write which device the wires are for on the tube.

3. Give yourself plenty of time to pack

Leaving your packing until the day before is a recipe for disaster. Not only is it more stressful and disorganised for you, you likely won’t have time to do a thorough clean [link to: ‘Quick tips for a squeaky clean final inspection’] which could cost you in fees to your landlord. 

4. Have a sort-out before you pack

Your new place is a fresh start and moving out is a good opportunity to take stock of what you own and what you need. Before you start packing, go through your wardrobe, cupboards and bookshelves and donate or sell anything you don’t want to lug over to your new place. 

5. Use clothes as eco-friendly protecting packaging

Wrap breakables like crockery or electronics in t-shirts, jumpers, bedding and towels to help stop them from getting broken in transit. Socks are great for packing wine glasses to protect their stems.

6. Pack plates horizontally, not vertically

Rather than packing plates one on top of each other like a tower, stack them side by side. This prevents too much pressure on the bottom plate, which could cause it to break.

7. Colour-code your boxes

Think about which room you want all your belongings to go in at your new place. Give each room in your new house a colour and put everything in colour-coded boxes to help you at the other end.

8. Drawers are ready-made boxes

Take anything breakable out of your drawers, wrap and pack them separately. Then simply cover the drawer with cling film to keep everything else contained while you move out.

9. Pack clothes in bin bags

Save your suitcases and boxes for things that really need the protection. While your clothes are still hanging in the wardrobe, put them in bin liners with the hooks poking out of the top. In your new place, you can simply hang them up and take off the bin bag.

10. Pack an overnight bag

It’s going to be a long day and you might not feel like unpacking right away. Pack an overnight bag with some clean clothes, pyjamas, toiletries and snacks to tide you over.

If you’re moving into rented accommodation again and already have a Zero Deposit™ Guarantee, you should tell us you’re moving in advance so we can end your previous guarantee and possibly get a new one ready for you. If you still have a traditional deposit, switching to our Zero Deposit Guarantee could save you hundreds of pounds up front. It’s a trusted alternative that only costs you one week’s rent instead of the month or more that a traditional cash deposit usually asks for. Even if you’re moving in a couple of weeks, it’s not too late. Once you’ve got your quote, we can set you up in just four days and moved in six days after that. 

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