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Tenants pay less upfront, which helps reduce void periods for your landlords.

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Make your properties
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Offering your tenants an alternative to security deposits helps you market your properties, attract more tenants and reduce void periods.

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You earn a commission from introductions that lead to a Zero Deposit Guarantee purchase.

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insurance backed

We’re insurance backed & regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority to give you confidence when introducing us to your landlords & tenants.

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What is a Zero Deposit guarantee?

Zero Deposit makes renting more affordable for tenants by providing an alternative to the traditional security deposit. This can help speed up the renting process and reduce void periods.

Tenants buy a Zero Deposit Guarantee for the cost of one week's rent. We provide landlords with protection equivalent to a six week deposit.

At the end of the tenancy, tenants must pay for any damage or unpaid rent.

A partnership you can trust
Together we enhance our service to you.
How can I offer Zero Deposit?

If you'd like to know more about offering Zero Deposit, register your interest below and one of our team will be in touch.

All our partners receive free training & support and you don’t need to change your other supplier relationships in order to offer Zero Deposit.

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How does it work
for my landlords?

Tenants move in

Offer Zero Deposit

Speak to your landlords about accepting Zero Deposit on their properties.

Tenants purchase

The tenants decide to purchase a Zero Deposit Guarantee instead of paying a traditional security deposit.

Ready to move in!

After the tenants have purchased, your landlord gets effictively the same cover as a six week deposit. Your tenants are now ready to move into their new home!

Tenants move out

Inventory & checkout

Inventory and check out is completed as usual. The Guarantee will expire if there are no disputes.

Disputes settled or evaluated

If there is a dispute between landlords and tenants, the evidence will be sent for expert evaluation by TDS, who have over 10 years experience settling end-of-tenancy disputes.

Claims resolved & settled

If found in the landlord's favour we settle the claim and pay within two working days. We will then recover the costs from the tenants directly.

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