Why Summer’s the Hottest Time for Landlords to Renovate

Agents | Tue 27 Jul 21
Have you noticed some of your landlords’ properties looking a little lacklustre lately? Is an outdated bathroom or dingy carpet making viewings impossible to convert? Here’s why summer’s the peak time to give your landlords a nudge and finally leave that 1970s avocado suite in the past...
Loads of workmen renovating the roof of a house

Book preferred contractors more easily

Summer’s typically the off-season for builders, decorators and other contractors. It tends to be in the months leading up to Christmas that people start clamouring to get homes looking their best for hosting. Greater availability over the summer months means more chance of booking first-choice contractors, getting the project done faster and even negotiating better rates. 

Summer holidays mean greater flexibility for tenants

Renovating when children are off school can allow greater flexibility for tenants while the work takes place. Some tenants might want to be home when workpeople are around. Others may prefer to skip the mayhem and escape to a more peaceful location – might we suggest somewhere with a pool? Either way, it can be easier for tenants to work around renovations during the summer holidays.

Get the property summer-ready

What better time to landscape the garden, lay a patio or install new decking than ready for BBQ season? If your landlord already has tenants: an amazing new outdoor space for the longer, warmer days is sure to put your landlord in their good books. Need to fill an empty property? A new garden renovation will be a sizzling selling point for summer house-hunters.

Longer days mean shorter lead times

Speaking of longer days – contractors often start earlier and work later in the summer to make the most of the extra daylight. Pair that with better weather (who wants to fit a new roof in torrential British rain?!) and those bonus hours soon rack up. A shorter period of disruption means your landlord’s regular rent will be rolling in again before they know it. 

Renovating a rented property might mean a sizeable upfront cost for landlords, but keeping their portfolio shipshape is what makes it a lucrative investment in the long run. As well as reducing property maintenance and operational costs, an up-to-date property with everything in good order is likely to rent out faster for more money, all while keeping good tenants living there for longer. It’s win-win for everyone. 

Couple those renovations with a Zero Deposit™  Guarantee and landlords really will be giving themselves the best chance of keeping happy tenants living in their properties for longer. 67% of our customers say they’ll stay longer because it was cheaper to move in*. Find out more about Zero Deposit benefits for landlords here.

*Source: Internal data, March 2020 - Survey of 617 tenants

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